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Support for carers

Are you a partner, family or friend looking to help someone else?

We support you too…

Looking after the people we care for, the people we love, plays a huge part in making the world a better place. The people who are giving that caring are providing a gift of a better life – a gift that comes from the heart.

But even whilst care is freely given from a place of love, the people who give that care deserve thanks, support, resources… and when the going gets tough, somewhere to turn.

LINK is here to help you too.

We can help you by sharing the load, by providing services that help you to look after your loved one, and by providing services that help look after you.

Social outings, connections and respite

LINK runs a series of programs and outings that you can access to recharge your batteries. Opportunities for you to have some fun for yourself, and regain your connections with the world.

You have been working hard, and deserve goodness coming back to you. Looking after yourself helps to make you stronger, and keep doing the wonderful and important job of care-giving that you have been doing.

We are here to help you…  ask us how.

Find out more

Go out together, or get some relax time alone

LINK runs a huge catalogue of outings to fun, interesting, stimulating, beautiful, tasty and relaxing destinations. The outings are an opportunity to take your mind off your worries – at least for a little while.

We try to cater for all interests. We run history and intellectual tours, scenic and tourist destination tours, music and performance tours, adventure tours, and tours to quirky and behind the scenes destinations. We run many tours that involve food and feasts for the senses.

Our flexible programs can be an opportunity to take time out to re-find yourself – or choose to share it with the person you are caring for with an outing that suits you both.

We are here to help you…  ask us how.

Short term carers while you take a break

We can’t replace you, but we can give you some time off.

We specialise in flexible arrangements. Anything from providing some friendly companionship while you are out for a couple of hours – through to 24×7 live-in care while you have some time away – through to regular scheduled attendance for as much carer time as you need.

We fit the solution to the need. LINK provides qualified, trustworthy community volunteers or professional staff – fit to the needs of the situation – who can be relied on to look after things while you look after yourself. From a shared cup of tea, to personal care.

Partners, family and friends need time too. We can help you organise things so you can get to your own medical appointments, work, study, or family or social commitments. Time to look after your own needs and your own commitments.

We are here to help you…  ask us how.

Phone or online support

LINK provides phone or online support to help carers get through their own day. Caring for loved ones can take its toll.

We provide support when you need someone to talk to. When you want to share the load of the work you are doing and the challenges you face. We can provide coaching, advice, tips and tricks from our experience and the experience of others – or just lend a listening ear. We’re here to help.

We are here to help you…  ask us how.

Navigation, service and funding advice

One of the hardest jobs for partners, family and other carers is finding the services and support that are available in the community. There is help out there… but it is incredibly hard to find the help that suits your needs, that is available in your area, and for your circumstances.

It can be harder still to find funding support to help make your needs affordable. Funding support can be incredibly hard to find, and the eligibility rules are incredibly complex. Navigating all of the different systems and services of support to find anything that can help you can be one of the most exhausting and frustrating parts of the caring role.

LINK can provide you time with our advice team to find out what services are available, get your linked up, and access whatever funding support we can find. We do our best to engage across every service, and every different stream of funding and support available across different departments and different levels of government. We can introduce you to things you didn’t know were available – in your own neighbourhood, for low or no charge – from big things to little things that can make a difference to your life – and the life of the person you are caring for.

We work to find you the best outcomes across an Integrated Community of Care.

We are here to help you…  ask us how.