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LINK’s volunteer helper community is our greatest asset and our greatest pride.

Volunteers contribute through the immeasurable value of the commitment of their time – be it one day a fortnight through to two or three days a week. They gift small but meaningful interactions – and make people’s lives better through the experience.

The TeamLINK volunteer community is a daily miracle made of the care, support and love that each of you put into the community around you. LINK’s helpers volunteer because they care, and for the opportunity to participate in a community of like-minded people who care.

Join the LINK Volunteer Community TODAY!

We are eagerly recruiting for valuable and fulfilling roles to suit all interests:

Office Role:

Field Roles:

  • Volunteer Community Driver – you’ll provide a great transport experience for clients; picking them up at their door and ensuring they get to appointments comfortably and safely.
  • Volunteer Outings Host – you’ll help clients dealing with social isolation; assisting and supporting them in daily activities and providing companionship.

Interested? Apply Now! Through this process we’ll answer all of your questions and look forward to welcoming you into the LINK family.


Why you’ll love volunteering…

We think our volunteers say it best…


LINK is one supportive team. We work with clients, family and friends – as well as  health practitioners, councils, and government funding partners to make Melbourne the best city in the world.

Everyone has something to contribute to others, contributing to make Melbourne and the World a better place.

Our clients come from a variety of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and if you do too, that’s of great value to us.

The more diversity we have in our teams, the better we can engage and support the community we serve. This helps us provide services in preferred languages and in a culturally sensitive way. Our team already has over 25 different languages to help us work with our clients.

We are looking to build a happy team, and a caring family community that works together to serve Melbourne for the long term.

We love you all. We thank you all. We love people joining into our community of care. All are welcome.


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