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LINK’s volunteer helper community is our greatest asset and our greatest pride.

The Club LINK volunteer community is a demonstration of the best part of what makes Melbourne one of the greatest cities in the world. It is a daily miracle made of the care, support and love that each of you put into the community around you.

Volunteers contribute through the immeasurable value of the commitment of their time – be it one day a fortnight through to two or three days a week – and through the small meaningful interactions that make people’s lives better through the experience.

Our helpers volunteer because they care, and to participate in a community that cares.

Our volunteers are proudly making the world a better place – donating their time to make LINK’s Integrated Community of Care a reality. Our volunteers’ generous gift allows LINK to provide far more help – to far more people – than government pays for. Governments spend billions. Real support comes from living in a community where people help people to live better lives together.

There are many valuable and fulfilling roles to suit all members of our volunteer community

  • Driver
  • Outings helper
  • Home helper / carer
  • Dog walker
  • Companion
  • Gardener
  • Minor repairs
  • Community builders

LINK is one team, working together with partners, family and friends, health practitioners, aged and disability specialists, and government partners to make Melbourne the world’s best community for all.

We love you all. We thank you all.

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