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Assisted Shopping

Helping you stay safe, happy and healthy in your own home.

LINK helps you to live well and live independently in your own home, remaining connected to services and community.

Doing normal every day things like going to the supermarket, or getting your hair done can help maintain a vital connection with meaningful living, and a calendar of simple pleasures to look forward to.

But increasing physical challenges can mean that getting there and back can be difficult, or frightening. These simple pleasures can get to be beyond your reach leaving you disconnected and feeling cut off from the world. LINK is here to help.

LINK’s Assisted Shopping service is a safe specialist assisted transport service and accompanied outing designed to get you where you want to go, to help you do what you want to do, and to get you safely home again afterwards. LINK’s Assisted Shopping is trusted service designed to give you peace of mind and the support you need to get out with confidence supported by a service that is here to look after you all the way.

Assisted shopping provides companionship, assistance with mobility and any other issues that might arise on an outing to the shops on top of the specialist transport for walkers, scooters or wheelchairs. LINK can help provide a normal day out no matter how complex your needs.

LINK’s assisted shopping services:

  • Gets you safely to the supermarket, hairdresser or destination of your choice and home again with complete support all along the way
  • Supports you with any physical issues you may have
  • Takes you door to door from home, independent living units, residential aged care or other supported living arrangements with the minimum walking required
  • Assists you getting into a vehicle that is appropriate to your transport needs, and helps you out at the other end
  • Assists you safely with walking sticks, walkers, scooters or wheelchairs – with drivers who are trained and accredited to help

And, if you need more, our assisted shopping services:

  • Help you overcome whatever mobility issues you have to help you get safely to your destination, and all the way home again.
  • Help you find the safest, shortest and most appropriate path through shopping centres, hospitals or shops to make sure you can reach your destination
  • Accompany you at the shops to make sure you have access to your medication, breathing support or other equipment.
  • Accompany you at all times to help you with personal needs, hygiene, toilet access or other needs that might be difficult or uncomfortable away from home.
  • …  and provide any other help you need by just asking.

We fit our service to meet our clients’ needs. We address the areas where you most need help, and let you keep your independence with the things you like to keep doing yourself. We can be a friend who is always on hand, or quietly and discretely in the background.

LINK understands that things change over time. You can ask for what you need week by week, ask for special assistance, stick to the plan, or change the plan. It’s your call. You are in control.

LINK’s helpers are trained to look out for you. They are encouraged to notice things around the house, or to look out for a changes in your own wellbeing. We might be the first people to notice something going wrong. Where we can, we will take steps to make sure you are alright and getting the support you need from the whole community of care – engaging with your family, carers and favourite health practitioners.

We understand that staying safe, happy and healthy in your own home is made possible by keeping you connected to the world outside, and the simple things in life that make you happy.

LINK is here to help.

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