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Meals Preparation

Helping you stay safe, happy and healthy in your own home.

LINK helps you to live well and live independently in your own home by supporting you to look after yourself with healthy eating.

As we age our taste buds change, we can lose interest in food or may lack the energy and enthusiasm to cook for ourselves. It can become difficult to maintain the diet we need to stay healthy. Poor eating as a result of minor ailments or emotional worries can be the cause of major issues that permanently impact wellbeing and independence.

“eating together tastes so much better than eating alone”

LINK’s helpers provide help that can keep you eating well. We’re here to help in the areas where you most need help, and support your independence with the things you like doing yourself.

Our helpers provide regular help with meal preparation including:

  • Menu planning & grocery shopping
  • Cleaning meals preparation surfaces
  • Preparing meals with you – or for you – and the companionship of sharing a meal.
  • Organising regular ‘lunch-club’ social gatherings where people can meet friends and share a meal – at people’s houses, cultural clubs, community centres or local cafés.
  • Cleaning and organising pots and pans cupboards
  • Making sure basic utensils are within easy reach
  • Checking basic supplies and use-by dates in the fridge and pantry
  • Organising meals on wheels or other food delivery services
  • Observing if delivered meals are being eaten
  • …  and any other help you need by just asking.

We fit our service to meet our clients’ needs. We address the areas where you most need help, and let you keep your independence with the items you like to keep doing yourself.

The word companion, from Latin com “together with” and panis “bread” literally means someone with whom you share bread.

LINK understands that things change over time. You can ask for what you need week by week, ask for special assistance, stick to the plan, or change the plan. It’s your call. You are in control.

Meal preparation services help you to keep up healthy eating patterns that are the foundation of enabling you to stay happy and healthy in your own home.

LINK is here to help.

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