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Cultural & Social Events

Helping you stay safe, happy and healthy in your own home, connected to services and community.

LINK helps you to live well and live independently in your own home, remaining connected to services and community.

LINK will keep you connected to the important events, gatherings and people in your life. Maintaining your connections with your own community maintains your sense of place and belonging, and refreshes bonds with the community of care around us.

We help you get to the events that matter most to you. Book in for supported transport to get to your special event – days, months, or even a year ahead.

And, we will link you up with meaningful events you didn’t even know were happening! LINK works with a wide range of community, language, religious and special interest groups that represent the varied identities of Melbourne’s diverse population. We helps provide a channel for people to maintain connections with their own community, and their interesting and appropriate events as they get older to make sure they never lose touch with their connections.

LINK is here to help.

LINK’s connection to cultural and social events provides safe specialist transport and meaningful destinations to keep you involved in your community. We help create experiences, give you something else to look forward to, and look after you all the way.

If you need more help at an event, a LINK helper can:

  • Support you with any physical issues you may have
  • Take you door to door from home, independent living units, residential aged care or other supported living arrangements
  • Assist you getting into a vehicle that is appropriate to your transport needs, and helps you out at the other end
  • Assist you safely with walking sticks, walkers, scooters or wheelchairs – with drivers and helpers who are trained and accredited to help
  • Accompany you at the destination to make sure you have access to your medication, breathing support or other equipment.
  • Accompany you at all times to help you with personal needs, hygiene, toilet access or other needs that might be difficult or uncomfortable away from home.
  • …  and provide any other help you need by just asking.

We fit our service to meet our clients’ needs. We address the areas where you most need help, and let you keep your independence with the things you like to keep doing yourself. We can be a friend who is always on hand, or quietly and discretely in the background.

We understand that staying safe, happy and healthy in your own home is made possible by keeping you connected to the world outside, and as active, engaged and always learning as you want to be.

LINK is here to help.

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