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Helping you stay safe, happy and healthy in your own home.

LINK helps you to live well and live independently in your own home by connecting you with people who can provide genuine company and companionship in your daily life.

Life has more meaning with company. With other people around we are more likely to eat well, to look after ourselves properly, and to look forward to meaningful activities and personal connection. The research shows that personal connections is one of the most important factors in helping us live better, healthier, happier and more meaningful lives

The word companion, from Latin “com” (meaning together with) and “panis” (meaning bread) literally means someone with whom you share bread.

LINK has many ways to help you live well connected to services and community. Connectedness and community are central themes of our service. Whether it is going on outings with a regular group of friends, meeting at cafes or on bus tours, or simply getting together to share a meal. Companionship can be in groups, or one on one in your own home for a meal, to watch a show, or just to talk about common interests, family, history or travel. A companion can join you to cook, to spend some time in the part or your own garden, or simply to go for a walk along your own street.

We create genuine personal connections and activities that are appropriate for your specific needs, your interests, your cultural and language heritage, and your current set of capabilities or limitations – keeping you and your mind as active as possible at all stages of life’s journey – fit-to-purpose across every stage from adventure tours to palliative care.

  • Lunch-club, special interest events or sightseeing – social gatherings where people can meet friends and share a meal – at people’s houses, cultural clubs, community centres, local cafés or stimulating destinations across the City.
  • Have a visitor around to share a meal, walk the dog, watch a show, research family history, help record memoirs, or go for a walk around the block. Or just sit and have a cup of tea and a chat.
  • Scrapbooking, knitting, crochet, drawing, or any creative activity you like to share.
  • Meet up to play the games you enjoy be it cards, bridge, chess, backgammon (shesbesh), mahjong, scrabble, bocce or bowls.
  • …  and any other human interaction – out in the world – in a chair – or by your bedside – we all benefit from meaningful connection.

LINK makes connections happen that meet our clients’ needs – be it connecting you within a group – or creating quiet one-on-one time with someone you can talk to. We facilitate connection in whatever way serves you best, as an important goal in itself, and as part of how we deliver every service we provide.

LINK understands that things change over time. Ask for what you need, and what you want. Ask for special assistance if you need it, or adventures if you want to mix things up. Take comfort in regular scheduled meet-ups, or let us support you reaching outside of your regular comfort zone. Stick to the plan, or change the plan. It’s your call. You are in control.

All of LINK’s services – our transport, our carers, our gardeners are immersed in the idea that community and connection are the most important goals. We help you build relationships with other people we serve, with LINK’s helper and carer community and with the wider community of care made up of partners, family, friends and neighbours across the city. All of us are better off living in a community that cares.

LINK is here to help.

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