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Helping you stay safe, happy and healthy in your own home.

LINK helps you to live well and live independently in your own home by providing trained carers accredited to provide the specific levels of support you need, to maximise what you can do yourself, and help on the tasks that you cannot.

LINK carers come in many forms – reflecting the many needs that different clients have for assistance.

Carers might support temporary needs or flexible respite. Short term engagements can help you overcome a specific issue, recover from injury or medical treatment, or can allow family to have some time off to relax or to look after urgent demands.

Other people may need carers on a long term or permanent basis to help with daily living issues, including overnight, or around the clock support.

We’re here to help.

Support from LINK’s respectful, capable and accredited carer community can assist with all types of personal care including :

  • Washing, showering, dressing, or grooming
  • Personal hygiene, toileting,
  • Medication reminders
  • Meals support and home help
  • Mobility issues around the home, getting out of bed or chairs
  • Assisted mobility to access services, healthcare and community
  • Assistance with communication
  • Helping with pet care
  • Overnight respite
  • 24/7 care 365 days a year. The care you need.
  • …  and any other help you need by just asking.

We fit our service to meet our clients’ needs. We address the areas where you most need help, and let you keep your independence with the items you like to keep doing yourself.

Having a non-family member helping with personal tasks helps maintain privacy, dignity and independence whilst getting the help you need. For others it is a matter of getting some extra help so family have more time to live their own lives, or help in meeting increased needs.

LINK understands that things change over time. You can ask for what you need week by week, ask for special assistance, stick to the plan, or change the plan. It’s your call. You are in control.

LINK’s carers are trained to look out for you. They are encouraged to notice things around the house, or to look out for a changes in your own wellbeing. We might be the first people to notice something going wrong. Where we can, we will take steps to make sure you are alright and getting the support you need from the whole community of care – engaging with your family, carers and favourite health practitioners.

The amount and level of care you need will depend on your condition. If you are a recipient of funding support, the level and type of service that is funded will be set by the eligibility criteria and assessments of that program. LINK will help you navigate that system – regardless of the program you qualify for – and will provide the best care that funding support or your own budget allows.

Some people may need a high level of care, while others can be helped in their home with regular visits from LINK’s carers, helpers and healthcare professionals.

LINK provides systemic “Support for Carers”. 

LINK believes that carers and the vital role they play in our community should be supported and nurtured. Carers should not be isolated and expected to do this important job all on their own.

We believe that carers should be enveloped within an Integrated Community of Care that includes the client, their family, the wider health system, and facilitation and support in community from the LINK team.

LINK provides phone and online support for both “informal carers” (partners, family and friends), and LINK’s professional carer community that gives individual carers a pathway for assistance, referrals, escalations and pastoral care.

Our carers are not alone. They are the front line of LINK’s wider community of care.

LINK provides other forms of support for individual carers in its community including various forms of flexible respite, outings, education, development and support programs.

We’re here to help.

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